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Stage 3 - Year 5 and Year 6

Learning for Years 3-6 students will take place at home through Google Classroom. Please read the following information carefully about accessing Google Classroom and keeping current with your child’s set learning tasks.

• Students can access Google Classroom through their student portal. They can log in using a web browser (e.g. Chrome, Safari, Edge) at: https://education.nsw.gov.au/. 

• They can also access their google account through the google applications if they are downloaded on a device (however, you do not have to download the Google applications to access Google Classroom). Students do not need to create their own Google account. They have a school-based account provided by the department. They must log into their applications using: user.name@education.nsw.gov.au. Students should know their departmental username as this is used to log in at school all the time. 

• In Google Classroom, you will see several headings. “Stream” and “Classwork” are the headings we will use. The stream will be a live feed of all the tasks we upload and announcements we make. Classwork will have all the assigned work we are providing online. 

• Learning activities will appear on Google Classroom the day we would like your child to work on them. They will all be due at the end of the week that they are set. 

• None of the learning tasks will be graded. Teachers will provide feedback on one task per day. 

• Directions for each task will be detailed or will be explained on the web resource the task links to. 

• Some tasks will have a “Turn in” feature and some will not. For those that do, please “Turn in” the task. \

• Please note that students will need varying levels of parent support to complete the tasks set. 

• If you are using an Android device, the parental controls have impacted on the use of the application. 

If you are unable to access Google Classroom from your device, please contact Mrs Matthews at the school and she will call you back and troubleshoot with you. 

For students in Years 5 and 6 the Google Classroom code is: ib3umfr