Leumeah Public School

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From the Principal's Chair

Welcome to the Leumeah PS school website!  I have been the principal of LPS since 2015.  LPS has a talented and dedicated staff and involved community. LPS has a staff of 45 people including teachers, administration and grounds employees and learning support officers. Our school population total is 623 including 4% Indigenous students, and 54% Non-English Speaking background students with the highest student composition (15%) being Bengali.

Our priorities and initiatives include:

  • The leadership vision for LPS is that all students achieve one year of growth for one year of learning
  • Stage-based classes across the school ensure that students are receiving teaching instruction at their point of need
  • Staff are encouraged to and are provided with the opportunity to mentor, collaborate and team teach as professional learning opportunities 
  • Stronger ties to our Aboriginal Community with increased involvement and improvements in Aboriginal student engagement and confidence
  • A School Chaplain who is employed for 10 hours a week for 2017/18 from Federal Government funding
  • Strong, effective and targeted communication strategies that promote achievement to the wider community through FaceBook, LPS Website, Twitter, SkoolBag and See Saw App
  • An enthusiastic P&C Association currently fundraising to install air conditioning throughout the school
  • A weekly, two hour Playgroup hosted by The Benevolent Society for parents and pre-school aged children to socialise, learn and play in preparation for kindergarten
  • Interest Groups that run for 10 weeks where community members are invited into the school to share their expertise with students and teachers once a week for an hour.


Leumeah PS has a strong academic and sporting reputation and provides a variety of extra curricula activities including Public Speaking, debating, choir and dance. The school has an Opportunity Class (OC) where students from the region sit a selective test for placement in Years 5 and 6. Leumeah PS has extensive playing grounds and students who require a supportive social environment during break times can visit Yabbra play area at lunch.  Extra activities are provided for students at lunch by the SRC, clubs and access to the library.

We look forward to working with you as a valued member of our community.


Kerry Wood